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    Siemens fully integrated into the construction of "One Belt And One Road", opening up new prospects for international cooperation.

    Siemens has signed more than 10 cooperation agreements with its Chinese partners, fully integrated into the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, and continued to take a solid step towards wider international cooperation. On June 6, 2018, more than 1,000 leaders and experts from governments, enterprises, investment circles, financial institutions and think tanks from more than 30 countries and regions attended the "One Belt And One Road" international cooperation forum hosted by Siemens. Period, Siemens and including China gezhouba group international engineering co., LTD., guangdong yudean group co., LTD., China national chemical engineering group co., LTD., China railway construction group international co., LTD., China civil engineering construction group co., LTD. And China resources cement holdings co., LTD., a number of leading Chinese enterprises to achieve the cooperation, for power generation, energy management, building technology and intelligent manufacturing and other fields, hand in hand to develop Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria, mozambique and South America and other countries and regions of the potential market.
    Fuzhou fufly automation equipment co., LTD .

    Our company will also respond to the national policy, vigorously promote Siemens products, expand the international market. Welcome to join us!

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