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    SIEMENS  SIMATIC S7-1200 6ES7231-4HF32-0XB0

    SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1200 6ES7231-4HF32-0XB0

    SIMATIC s7-1200, analog input, SM 1231,8 analog input, +/ -10v, +/ -5v, +/ -2.5v, or 0-20ma / 4-20ma, 12 Bit+ symbol bits or (13 Bit ADC)

    Part Number: 6ES7231-4HF32-0XB0

    Condition: New & Original

    Brand: Siemens

    WarrantyOne Year

    Delivery date: 5-7 days after payment

    product description:

    SIMATIC s7-1200, analog input, SM 1231,8 analog input, +/ -10v, +/ -5v, +/ -2.5v, or 0-20ma / 4-20ma, 12 Bit+ symbol bits or (13 Bit ADC)

    The SIMATIC s7-1200 supports up to 16 PID control loops for simple process control applications. These control loops can be easily configured with the help of the PID controller technology object and the support editor provided in the engineering configuration SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic. In addition, SIMATIC s7-1200 supports PID automatic adjustment function, which can automatically calculate the best adjustment value for saving time, integral time and differential time.

    PID debugging control panel

    SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic comes with a PID debugging control panel to simplify the loop adjustment process. It provides automatic adjustment and manual control for a single control loop, while providing a graphical trend view of the adjustment process.

    SIMATIC s7-1200 hardware innovation...

    Integrated Profinet/Ethernet port -- [7]

    No special programming cables and Ethernet extension modules are required, reducing installation space and cost.

    Concept of signal board --

    The signal board can add additional I/O points without changing the CPU volume; For example, only the input of the thermal resistance sensor signal is needed, which can be done through the signal plate.

    CPU ontology integrates digital I/O, analog I/O, and motion control I/O --

    No additional hardware extensions are required, reducing PLC installation space and cost.

    SIMATIC s7-1200 software innovation...

    Step7 Basic is a general-purpose editor for logic control, HMI and network communication functions -- [8]

    All wizards, toolbars, and menus have similar visual effects and are easy to learn and maintain, saving users a lot of time.


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